Zima | Make heads turn


Meet the Team:

  • Catharina Brant:  Art Director
  • Clara Speckhart: Brand Strategist + Editor
  • Bella Nilsson: Copywriter

Approach:  Zima was well-overdue a fresh start. It embodied the flaws of the '90s and became a sunken ship for a reason. We all make mistakes, but how we learn from them distinguishes who we are. Bold, courageous, and mysterious, Zima has all the ingredients for the potion of success. It just needs to get out there, be seen, be heard. It's here to disrupt the drinking culture and make heads turn. It's unique in tone, packaging, and marketing. But it doesn't have to scream or shout to stand out; it's a tease and gets people talking. All the competitors won't know what hit them, and it's time for them to step aside and let the real star of the show takeover.

Awards: Greater SF ADDYs - Bronze, Book Design 2021-2022